Monday, April 5, 2010

birdcage or tulle veil?

I'm getting married in only 137 days. My gosh! I am so totally excited, I could dedicate an entire blog to how I am feeling, but i don't want to bore you! I do have a dilema though (one of many actually). . . . regarding what sort of veil to wear. I am getting married in a church so it was suggested to me that a traditional tulle veil is best. Yet up until recently I really did have my heart set on a vintage birdcage veil. They are so classic and chick... and being a lover of all things vintage I thought it was the way to go. I did try a few on, but I just don't know.... it doesnt seem right. If I do end up wearing a birdcage veil then Scott won't be able to lift the veil off my face before we kiss for the first time as man and wife, nor will we be able to have some of the beautiful photos which can be taken only with a tulle veil.... (see below for a few pics I love). So you see.... I have a bit of a dilema... At the moment I am leaning towards wearing a tulle veil, but of course I may change my mind till then!

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  1. Have you thought about having a tulle veil for the ceremony, and a birdcage veil for the reception? :)


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