Friday, November 19, 2010

a day in sydney

Yesterday, I went into the city with mum and dad. I wore my big floppy hat from David Jones, brown sunnies from SES , and a floral maxi dress which was thrifted. We had lunch at Subway and then headed into the new Westfields on Pitt St to check it out. It was pretty massive - 7 levels alltogether! We stopped in Myer for a while, it was beautiful with all the Christmas decorations around.

We stopped at the hats and tried on a few different ones. I love summer hats.

Then we saw the price and though we'd best put them back! We almost certainly can't even affort to try them on. The hat I've got on above cost just under $200. What??

There were some lovely Christmas displays all around Myer on the outside, so we wandered around, checking them all out before heading back home. And it was just gorgeous weather too - welcome summer!


  1. Your photos are too cute!

    I'm finally delurking to share a Chanel giveaway I'm organizing this month, do feel free to take a look:

  2. thanks for your sweet comment :)
    you have a nice blog i follow you :))

  3. Pretty hats, and the dress is so nice!


  4. such a beautiful blue dress!
    great pictures!

  5. it's always so mad to see the weather 'down under' ;-)

  6. lovely dress
    wanna follow each other dear?


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