Monday, November 8, 2010

factory theatre

Last Saturday night we rounded up a group of friends and headed over to The Factory Theatre to support a friend of Scotts from high school who was in a band - The Written Crusade. It was pretty cool actually, there were eight different bands altogether and they each played for about 25 mins, then the crowd got to vote if they liked the band by raising their hands in the air.... the votes were counted and at the end of the night the winning bands got to perform... somewhere.

The third band was pretty scary. They were a group of emo asian guys who pretty much just screamed into the mic. There was a heap of young kids at the front who would break-out in this weirdo dance (looked more like they were having a fit) .... pictured below.

One of the female vocalists from The Written Crusade.

The band below are called The Stone Monks and I liked them the best. I voted with two hands after they had finished, but we didn't end up staying the whole night to see who won. 

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