Wednesday, November 24, 2010

new dresses

Scott & I went shopping the other week and I came home with a few new dresses. Im totally into the 'nautical' clothing at the moment, so when I saw the dress below at Cotton On - I just couldn't resist. The top half is a stretchy t-shirt fabric with ruffle and a zipper down the bust. There is also a thick black elastic waist band. Skirt section is a lightweight denim.

This dress is also from Cotton On. I wore this one on Sunday when we all went out for yum-cha to celebrate my friends birthday. Its my favourite one from the three dresses. Its a dark blue in colour with a cute little bird print all over. Elastic around the waist, and ruffle around the top. I love ruffles.

The last dress I bought is from Country Road. Its made from silk so its feels so soft. Its a little hard to explain the detail it has but there is some fabric across the bust that is folded over and over again that continues and gets larger as it goes across. I've decided that this is the dress I will be wearing to this years Christmas party!


  1. those dresses are soo adorable! I want some new dresses <3 love your blog! following :)


  2. I love those dresses!
    & thanks for the lipstick compliment! If only my boyfriend thought the same about my red lipstick. lol. He absolutely hates it.

  3. Love these dresses. Cotton On has some gorgeous dresses and reasonable prices, I love shopping there.

  4. These are some really cute dresses, I'm loving the 2nd dress big time!

    Stay gorgeous!

  5. Wow a fellow Sydneysider!
    I absolutely <3 Cotton On and esp the sales that they have been having. I will definitely be a new follower. x

  6. I love your dresses especially the one on the 2nd photo. I wanna have one of those -______- mmmmm


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