Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas lights

jacket: thrifted, maxi dress: kmart, bag: vintage

Last night we joined our friends Mitchell & Emma on a walk/drive around their home looking at all the pretty christmas lights that people had decorated their homes with. Some families have gone to soo much effort, I just love it - so much christmas spirit ! Unfortunatley as we live in an appartment we can't really go all out with christmas lights - but its definatley something we would love to do when we buy a house. Do you decorate your house with any christmas lights/decorations.


  1. what gorgeous Christmas lights! I love your leopard maxi dress :) cute photos!


  2. Wow amazing!! I love Christmas decorations!

  3. I love your dress. It fits you perfectly!
    And those lights are GORGEOUS! I love Christmas lights so so much. I love driving around with my family to see all of the different lights. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. Wow so many lights. We don't do that over here, though we have lights at the window, but nothing like this.

  5. wonderful pictures!!!! thank you for the comment in my blog :) i followed your blog :)



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