Sunday, January 9, 2011

if you love me

I've just downloaded about a bazillion songs by Angus & Julia Stone. I am in love. Listening to their music makes me want to drive to a flower field and run through it wearing a long dress and no shoes. I feel free when I listen to their music. And there is just something special about them - I think the brother/sister duet is just beautiful, what better way to show the world you love your sibling than making feel-good music for all to share. What do you think of their music, do you share my love?

On a separate note I need to appologise. I didn't get around to listing those items on eBay tonight - and now it's too late. I'll definatley try and get them listed tomorrow night. If you were keen on some items, I'm really sorry - promise I'll get to it soon.

Scott is away again. He is spending this week somewhere around the Blue Mountains, co-running a leadership camp for young adults. He's been doing it for several years now and loves it, but its sad as he is away for a whole week. He left on Friday, just after lunch time and wont be back home till the following Saturday at about midday. I've been keeping myself busy though (apparently too busy to list eBay things though!).

I'm pleased to anounce that I am totally smitten that while running my 50 followers giveaway, I have reached 90 followers. How on earth did that happen? Thank you to everyone who follows, reads, or comments. In a world where we are so often surrounded by many yet feel all alone, I can happily say you never make me feel alone. On my saddest day I can come online to read a nice comment, or read a new post, which will turn my day around. Thats why I love blogging, and why I love you. Thankyou for everything you give me, even when you feel its really nothing at all. Next giveaway coming at 150 followers.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Tomorrow I am off to the car mechanics nice and early because for the past 3 weeks or so my car has refused to produce cold air out of the air conditioning vents. And being the middle of summer here in Sydney, I am finding that quite distressing. Open windows is just not enough. Hopefully its an easy fix (and even better its covered by my warrenty).

Hope you all have a splendid week, werever you are in the world.
All my love, Christie. 


  1. Wowza! 90 followers?? I'm thinking I'm going to need to do a giveaway! So awesome babe! It's a shame Scott's away though :( Oh and the other day when you were in Newtown? I was in Newington... Hehe.
    Ang xxx

  2. You got 90 followers because you're doing a giveaway. How many of the said followers have actually commented on other posts? You'll find they're only following to enter the giveaway and that's it, you won't here from them again. That's what so many bloggers are doing now, a giveaway to get more followers. I love the blogs that have lots of followers and have never done a giveaway or only do giveaways for their exsisting followers. This is why I am no longer following your blog. I hate being bribed.

  3. CONGRATS on all the followers. They love your blog, as I do :)

  4. wow! congrats on all of your new followers. how exciting! and i have been in dire need of new music discoveries, so i am going to download some songs asap. excited!!

  5. congrats on gaining more followers! you totally deserve all of them! :)

  6. Congrads on the followers! I also love love love Angus and Jules! Definate faves! Keep up the good work with your blog <3


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