Wednesday, July 20, 2011


If you havent stopped by this blog to get a free portrait done - you should definatley have a go. All you need to do is send in a photo with a short description, and then within a few days you'll received a portrait of your photo. The portraits are not done by professional artists - just regular people like you and me. You can even email them to become a "guest artist" and do a portrait for someone else (which is what I did recently - link below).

Back at work this week after two weeks of school holidays. And this week has gone by fast! We leave for Greece next Friday night - can you believe it? I cant. Im excited, but moreso, a little stressed as there is still so much to organise and do before we fly off, to do with both our trip and also work.

Our Christmas in July party was a big success.... I'll be editing the photos and videos we took on the night and posting it all very shortly.  

Got a sec? Check these out...

I drew a crappy portrait .

A great place to bookmark all your fave sites.

I'll be calling this place home for most of August.

We shall be celebrating our first wedding anniversary here.

One day I must try out these delicious brownies.

A young girl with a powerful message.

Stylish photo-gifts for yourself, all your friends and family.

Our wedding bonbonieries - 21st Aug 2010.

Selling a few things on ebay - check them out soon as they end tomorrow.

I've watched this too many times. (You need to be a cat-lover to get it I think)


  1. AnonymousJuly 25, 2011

    That's such a cute blog, thanks for introducing me to it :)

    Awww I love your kitty :D


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