Tuesday, November 1, 2011

fifa night

One of our close friends, Jason (below right) celebrated his 26th birthday last month by hosting a Fifa night. Hours upon hours of watching our boys play on the play-station, follower by pizza, cake and then more play-station. I have no idea who won, nor do I care in the slightest. Watching sport for me is like watching grass grow, and its even worse watching a video game... but the boys sure do offer some great entertainment. They take it all far too seriously, and its quite the show watching them get all psyched up, ecstatic with joy or gravely disappointed all over a video game.


  1. one of your friends looks a bit like the guy from xfactor, the one in the group. xx

  2. These pictures really look like fun!



  3. Haha, these are such great pictures! I love how you really captured the moment in them. I cannot stand sport - though can you believe that I used to be a massive fan of english football and went to every man utd home match for 2 years and even met some of the players!! I can't stand sport now haha! And I'm so weird - I can sit and watch shane play COD or test drive for hours for some reason haha! It's like watching a tv show, but sport games - I'm so glad he hates sports too haha! :)

  4. looks like you all had fun even in you don't care about the scores! :) I am so familiar with this situation! haha xxx

  5. Looks like a fun night!! I love your outfit xx

  6. Amazing photography, I love the picture with the sparkler! It looks like you all had an amazing time together, great job capturing the moment so well!


  7. Oh you girls look lovely. Such a great shot..........


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