Sunday, June 9, 2013

27 before 28

A few weeks back I celebrated my 27th birthday. I received lots of well-wishes & sweet gifts from friends and family, one of which was this delightful floral notebook. Upon unwrapping this little book, I instantly knew what I was going to use it for! I came across this great idea from Elizabeth over at Delightfully Tacky - where you come up with a set of goals to achieve before your next birthday. The number of goals you are to set corresponds with the age you have just turned (hence my list is called "27 before 28").

So I found my favourite black pen, sat at my dressing table and got to work...

1. Fall pregnant

Sadly this goal isn't something new, however it's the first time I'll be speaking openly about it. Scott and I have been trying to fall pregnant with our first child for almost two years. It has been the most emotionally draining thing I have ever had to experience in my life so far. At times, it has put a strain on my relationship with Scott, and more recently I have noticed a wedge coming between myself and friends who are already parents. Its not a great place to be in. More than anything in the whole world do I want to be a mother, and it breaks me up inside feeling that I have absolutely no power in achieving this. I don't think people speak about infertility as often as they should, and so I am constantly reminded of how much we are struggling. Pregnancy announcements and baby photos flood my news feeds, and while I am genuinely happy for everyone who has been blessed in bringing a little life into this world, my mind always wonders back to our situation.  I have tried to stay positive and for the most part (especially in the beginning) I was, however as time goes on I start to wonder if my dream of becoming a mother will ever eventuate. Its the scariest thing - thinking that the one thing you feel you were put on the earth to do - is out of reach. 

2. Volunteer at an animal shelter

I am a massive animal lover, and so the idea of helping out some four legged friends is something I would definitely get a lot of satisfaction out of doing. I know of at least one cat shelter quite local to where I live, so I'll be making some call/sending some emails to find out how I can get involved.

3. Finish my DIY dressing table

I came across a gorgeous refurbished roll-top desk on pinterest not long ago, and it was love at first sight. I instantly started looking online and at local (and not so local) second hand stores for the perfect desk to start this project on. Eventually after months of searching - I found it! I sanded it down, repainted it and added new hardware, all I need to do now is complete the actual desk park. I don't want to give away just yet what I plan to do - but I'll be sure to post a step-by-step recount of the whole process with lots of photos when it's done. 

4. Attend a ghost tour at The Rocks

A while back Scott had picked up a pamphlet from somewhere advertising ghost tours that were being held at The Rocks, Sydney. We did a ghost tour while on our European holiday and I really enjoyed it. So I am looking forward to hearing some ghost stories as we journey through the cobblestone lanes into the hidden area of the birthplace of Sydney.

5. $20 outfit challenge

Being an avid thrifter and always looking for a good bargain, I thought it would be a fun challenge to try and put an outfit together (head to toe) with just $20. With a bit of time and a lot of patience I'm sure I could work it out! 

6. Start out anniversary photo book

A few months after we got married I thought it would be a nice idea to put together and maintain an anniversary photo book, where I'll put a photo of us on our anniversary each year. I've bought the book that I would like to use, however I haven't put anything it it, and in a few months we will be celebrating our three year wedding anniversary. Better get to it!

7. Try out zumba

After writing this goal down, Scott reminded me that I have infact tried out Zumba before. I vaguely remember doing so, nonetheless I would like to try it out again. I think its a fun way to get fit and if you find the right instructed it can really be a fabulous and fun workout.

8. Take a cooking/baking class

The kitchen and I are really not on the best terms. Its not that we have had a falling out or anything like that, I think perhaps we might just speak different languages and therefore find it difficult to communicate. I would love to be one of those wives that cooks fabulous meals for their husbands. Unfortunately I'm not - in saying that though I'm all for taking some classes and learning some basic skills. 

9. Learn to do lots of fun braids on my hair

Since chopping off my lovely long locks back almost three years ago, I have discovered an abundance of fabulous braids and hairstyles that you can do on medium and longer lengthed hair. The reason I chopped all my hair off in the first place was because I felt that my hair was boring and that I couldn't do anything with it - I would love to learn how to do some fun new braids on my growing locks!

10. Go on an impromptu weekend trip

Some plans to visit Canada and The States next month, unfortunately fell through. Since we aren't able to do a big trip this year a few little ones will suit just fine. I find that I'm the type of person who likes to make plans and for things to be structured. I work well that way. However, I find that sometimes .. being that way means I'm not very spontaneous. I'd like to try and break out off that habit by going on an impromptu weekend away somewhere.

11. Do regular yoga/pilates

I've done both yoga and pilates in the past, and have enjoyed both. I've read of many benefits of doing a regular type of pilates or yoga class, so I'd really love to get into the habit of doing yoga/pilates once a week. I have a membership to one of the local swimming pools which has a gym attached to it - they run yoga and pilates there once a week. I've also got a couple of yoga/pilates DVD at home. I would like to get into the routine of doing 1-2 yoga/pilates sessions a week.

12. Make a comedy video with Lisa

I find I have a rather unique sense of humour, and its hard to come across people who actually get me. And then I met Lisa. Lisa and I work together and she just gets me. We click. I don't know how it all started but at some point this year we started devising a comedy show based on us. It is to be called "Kalimera Xristina", which translates from Greek to English as "Goodmorning Christina" (sadly there is no translation for  Christie in Greek). We are constantly adding in different parts of our day into various episodes, and so if we manage to film some of it and put it together that would be amazing!

13. Grow my hair as long as I can

I'm definitely over having a short hairstyle - and I'm really looking forward to having long hair again. My hair is currently just past my shoulders and I'm just beginning to be able to do fun braids so I'm well on my way to having the long hair I used to! I've also started growing out my fringe - which is pretty much grown out at this point..... I am still undecided as to whether that is a permanent change.

14. Hang framed family photos in second room

When we moved into our apartment, we painted a green feature wall in both bedrooms and the lounge room. We have put up some lovely prints/photographs in our bedroom and the lounge room however the second bedroom has been forgotten. Its currently an office and it needs a bit of love - especially on that green feature wall. I thought it would be nice to have a space in our home dedicated to our family, so my plan is to find various white frames and hang pictures of our family across that currently empty wall.

15. Buy a home (or start to build)

Oh my this is an exciting one! The idea of buying or building a home just gets me so giddy. We have saved our dollars pretty hard, and we've decided that 2014 is the year! We'll start looking around at our options at the beginning of the new year, hopefully make a secure decision by the middle, and have everything finished and ready to move into my Christmas. I can't wait!

16. Write letters by hand

Do you remember receiving or writing letters by hand? I had a friend in primary school who moved away to another state. We were only 8 or 9 years of age when we started writing letters to each other. I loved reading about her new school and all the fun things that she was getting up to. She would adorn her pages with beautiful pictures and stickers, and I would do the same. I've still got all her letters, somewhere in a box, and I love to go through them every now and again. So yes, back to the goal... I would like to write some letters, not sure it will eventuate into anything but I think it would be nice to send a few friends or family (regardless of how close or far they live) some hand-written letters. 

17. Develop my personal style

This one will have to be something I continue to work on throughout the year, its not something I can just cross off a few months from now. My sense of style has always been a bit on the different side. I like things that are different, they might be on trend at the time, they may not be. I believe that my wardrobe currently does not represent my true personal style. Sure, I have things in there that I like, but to combine them and make outfits that truly represent me - perhaps not. So for the next twelve months, I'll be on a mission. A mission to develop my personal style, and to cull my wardrobe and only purchase items that represent it.

18. Become better organised at work and home

My organisational skills are pretty much non-existent. Enough said.

19. Read the Hunger Games trilogy

I absolutely loved the first Hunger Games movie, so I'm rather keen to get my hands on the books.

20. Take a photo walk once a month
We once walked down to our local post office. Scott brought our camera along and took random photos along the way. Upon returning home and having a flick through the camera, I was instantly surprised as to how a collection of random photos brought that walk back to life again. It was all about the details..... the texture of the foot-path, graffiti on the wall, a bird on a fence. I would love to do something similar once a month in a different location.

21. Buy a retro basket for my bike

A few years back Scott bought me the most beautiful white retro bicycle ever. It was instant love. The basket however is not exactly what I wanted. It came with the bike so its not that Scott had other options when purchasing. Its quite easy to change, so I need to find a local bike store that stocks the basket I'm after - a white framed metal basket with a removable came one inside.

22. Go to the theatre five times

Recently Scott and I have gone to the local theatre to watch some stand up comedy and a comedy skit. I really enjoyed going there and it reminded me that we really don't get out as much as I think we should. If no plans have been made we generally spent the entire day indoors glued to a computer, iphone or television screen. Sad I know. I'd like to get out more and experience new things, and the theatre seems like a great place to start.

23. Paint my nails a different colour each week

I've got enough nail polish to last me a life-time, yet I continuously buy more if I see a good deal and some fabulous colour. I'm going to try and put all of my nail polishes to good use by trying to have them painted a  different colour each week!

24. Complete three DIY projects

Recently I've been drawn into the world of DIY. There are so many fabulous things you can do on your own, with just a bit of time, effort and patience. I get most of my inspiration from pinterest, where I've created a board dedicated to DIY projects I might like to try out. Not sure which one is next, but can't wait nonetheless.

25. Host a dinner party ~ movie marathon

Scott has been wanting to host a dinner party for some time now. I've been rather keen on a movie marathon. How about we just join the two together. Whoa - its gonna be a massive night! Can't wait. 

26. Buy fresh flowers for the house once a month

I love having fresh flowers in the house. It just brightens up the room. For the next 12 months, I want to bring a new bunch of beautiful fresh flowers into our home at least once a month.

27. Go on date-night once a fortnight

We started doing this a while back and got out of the habit. So I want to start again! Date night is so much more than just a night out. Its more about really making the time to sit down for a meal and talk. I don't think we do that enough. Our jobs/other interests are always so time consuming that generally we will eat dinner in front of the telly, or if we do by chance happen to sit at the table - its a quick bite to eat and then we're off! I look forward to date night, to dressing up for my husband, to not being stressed about preparing a meal, and to just being relaxed and having the time and space to really talk to Scott.


  1. Wow, what a list and I do wish you all the luck withno 1, I know how you feel!

  2. love this list and they way you've written it. I do hope the pregnancy gods bless you soon - it can be frustrating and I can only partly relate. My husband and I took 6 months to fall - sending vibes your way xx

  3. I love this idea! It's always great to have specific goals to focus on. I especially wish you luck with number one. We haven't started trying yet, but I do know what it's like to have to wait. I'm currently on medication that will cause birth defects so we can't start trying until I'm not only off it completely, but have been off it for six months. A bit of a blow when we were hoping to start trying right before I fell sick!

    x Jasmine

  4. I have always worried about infertility as I have had a few issues in that area, the doctor said none of it would affect my fertility but you can't help but worry. I really hope that the universe aligns for you soon. I love the anniversary book as well I might borrow that idea :) good luck with your list sounds like a fantastic year ahead!!

  5. AnonymousJuly 09, 2013

    Wow Christie, what a fantastic idea. I will be stealing this from you for sure!
    I initially started following your vlog as part of my own TTC journey and have now stalked you here too! I wish you every success with your list and especially with #1 x


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