Wednesday, August 26, 2009


First Stop : Samos, Greece

Wow. In all honesty I just dont know where to begin. Samos has to be the most beautiful island ever. And maybe I'm being bias because thats where my family is from... but who cares right?

Pebbled beaches as far as the eye can see, sunbathing on sunbeds for hours, adorable villages in every possible location you can think of, stone pathways, calm seas, hot sun. Greek salad by the beach & ice cream every day. That is Samos.

It was pretty tough at first I must admit. Being apart from Scott for over 4 weeks was almost unbearable. And what made it worse was I couldn't hear his voice every day either - international calls are stupid expensive! So.. for the first four weeks of my vacation, the only contact Scott and I had was through sms and email.... I guess its better than no contact at all - that would have been horrible. But the time did go by quite fast after the first week, and in no time at all.... Scott was back in my amrs.

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