Sunday, August 8, 2010

my hens night

OMG. Where do I begin? Lets start with "BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE". Is that too much? I think not.

Nine of my closest girlfriends joined me last night to help celebrate my last nights as a single lady. The theme was "Little Black Dress", and might I add that I think we looked absolutley HOT AS.

We started our night with Stalions Afloat - a cruise with male strippers... yes MALE STRIPPERS. During the cruise we had dinner, unlimited alcoholic beverages and of course, hot male strippers. 

My favourite was the cop - OMG. There is nothing else I can say that will serve justice to this guy.

And yes, that is me standing behind him, blindfolded, with my hands all over his body!

After our male entertainment, it was time to step onto the dance floor...

The cruise ended at about 11.30pm, we then starting making our way to RETRO.

At Retro we met up with our other half - the bucks. Now, I know its often said you shouldn't have any contact with your partner on your hens/bucks night.... but I love him. And who the hell made up that rule anyway. We did our own thing and the boys did theirs, and to end the night we met up for some dancing.

Up until the morning of my hens night I was seriously stressing about the wedding. All I think I needed was a great night out with the people I love. I am getting married in twelve days, and I am so excited! Sure, there are things still to be done in preparation for the big day, but I'm not fussed in the least. Thanks to all who made my hens night - a night to remember forever! xx


  1. Your night looks like it was so fun! I love the idea of meeting up with the boys, I want to do that for our parties!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Those picture frames are beautiful!. Thanks for sharing memories. I really liked your blog. Sounds like a great evening. Go straight to know more about Hens Night


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