Sunday, November 28, 2010

divas new jacket

A while back I bought this super cute dog jacket for my dog. Its got her name "diva" written on the back in silver. It was reduced down to $2 - bargain! So I tired it on her - perfect fit, now I am going to wrap it up for her for Christmas. Yes I know its a bit silly to wrap up a pressent for Christmas for your pet, but it just looks nice to have more pressies under the tree.

dress: ebay. cardigan: ebay. flats: factorie


  1. So cute!!!! My cat gets a new scratching post every 2nd Christmas it is like a castle for him, and we wrap it up for him.

  2. Your dog is so so CUTE! Ok, deal! Let's follow each other! x

  3. cute dog :)
    i've followed you and i hope you will do as well :D

    little geek madame

  4. This is sooo cute! I LOVE it!

    Stay gorgeous!

  5. awww thats soo cute! Thanks for comenting will follow
    Aly xx

  6. cute dogg >__<

    ps : thank you for commenting at my blog :))
    im following yu now , wanna follow me back ?

    visit me at


  7. nice jacket ! and your dog look cute !
    btw I've already follow you . hope you follow me back dear <3


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