Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the wedding dress

We recently received all our wedding photos back from our lovely photographers, Evan & Julliette (CreatePhotography)... so over the next few posts I'd like to share with you, the most wonderful day of my life, my wedding day.

Initially I wanted to have a strapless wedding dress, but after a few chats with Scott and a few friends I decided to go with straps. I didn't want to be pulling my dress up the whole day and wanted something a little bit different. Almost 100% of the wedding dresses around at the moment are strapless so I thought the straps would add a nice & different touch.

It was bought from the Bridal Factory at Wetheril Park (which I have recently heard has closed down!), for $2020. I went with mum in January and tried on a few different styles, and then we picked and choose different things from each of the dresses I had tried on to come up with a design I was happy with. The bust area was fitted with a big satin bow on the side of the waist. Then from the waist down there are layers of lace with crystal detailing. There was also crystal detailing around the sweetheart bustline and on the strap edges. I loved it to pieces - its totally me 100%.


  1. I love the delicate sleeves and the ruffles xxx

  2. So Gorgeous and definitely would want to see that dress on you...

  3. omg that dress is amazing! LOVE! xx

  4. wow it looks amazingly beautiful. that first shot with the shoulder. im sure you looked breathtaking as any bride does. good choice
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  5. wonderful dress!
    my name's martina and I come back Italy...I would like you follow me! I wait you and your tips!kiss kiss ^^

  6. wow i love that!

    and i love weedddings ! i'm too youuuuung, ahhaah


  7. Absolutely stunning! So nice to see a dress with real pizazz, and so different from the hideous merringue usual monstrosity. Can't wait to see the snaps :) jazzy ♥

  8. I love that dress!! I recently got married too and am just as excited about it as you are! Congrats! :D


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