Sunday, December 19, 2010

the new do

tops: supre. jeans: cotton on. necklace: cotton on. handbag: thailand

Ok, so I did it! I chopped off my hair!!!! It was the most intense 45 mins I've felt in a long time. Scott was there snapping away so I can show you all exactly what happened. Let's start with some before shots....

Here I have just entered the hairdressers.... i am officially scared NOW.

I decided to donate my hair to the Cancer Foundation for them to make wigs with it, so my hairdresser had to cut most of it off in one go. That was seriously the most difficult. And yes I did shed a few tears!

And ta-da! The end result! Its a bit shorter at the back than I had originally wanted, but Im happy with the result. I feel so free and liberated - you have no idea.

Thank you darling husband of mine, for sitting through 45 mins of getting my hair cut and styled, taking photos for me to load onto my blog, and supporting me in taking the plunge to cut my hair! Love you to pieces.

Some new things I have discovered since cutting my hair:

- I can actually feel the back of my neck without hair getting in the way
- I actually feel lighter, maybe I've lost weight?
- I finally look my age (not 17 anymore)
- It takes me pretty much no time at all to dry and style my hair

Thanks to everyone who left lovely comments in my previous post - you gave me the confidence to go ahead with this new style & I love it!


  1. You look so scared! Your look really good I love it,

  2. Wow, what an amazing transformation! The kids will freak out when you go back to work next year. When I went from blonde to brunette they were soooo confused! Enjoy the new found hair freedom!
    Ang xxx

  3. Your new do looks amazing! It's really nice of you to donate your hair to the Cancer Foundation too (:

  4. Looks great short. Lucky hubby can nibble on your neck now without getting a mouthful of hair too!

  5. ohhh look at you getting the chop. it looks really nice though. very sophisticated.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  6. Wow it looks great! So cute :)
    I'm in the process of trying to grow my hair lol ..I know long hair can make you look younger than you actually are but I have had short hair for so long that Im just sick of it! lol

  7. Such a fun experience. You looks so much more mature with short hair!
    Thanks for the comment (: and yes, I bought my Mac for myself haha!

  8. I think your new hair looks gorgeous! My sister recently cut her long hair into a bob, and like her, I think you look really chic and it really brings out your eyes. And I remember when I cut my hair into a bob, and they just hacked all of it off in one go, and it was just HORRIBLE. Now I'm going to stop looking at this post, because I am currently growing my hair and if I look at good short haircuts for too long I get the urge to hack it all off again!

  9. your hair looks GREAT! You do look your age now. Longer hair made you look younger. It's amazing how changing a hairstyle can change everything. you look gorgeous! x

  10. Your new hair looks really good. im going to get all mine chopped off once its long enough and send it to wigs for kids :)

    Connie x


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