Monday, January 3, 2011

the gold coast

Some of you may know, my darling husband surprised me with a short getaway to the gold coast for Christmas. Isnt he just lovely ? The weather wasnt all that great, but we made the most of it. Just want to prepair you all - this post will be quite long but i'll add lots of pics to keep it exciting!

day one:

We left sydney airport at 8.30am on boxing day. When we arrived at the gold coast, well it was raining. No surprise there... it has been raining in queensland for quite a while now. We wernt able to check into our room until after 2pm so we just wandered around, had lunch, went bowling, and did some shopping.

This is the view from our 22nd floor balcony. Rain rain rain.

The place we stayed out was ok... it was a one bedroom appartment, with nice open living space.

The only thing we wernt keen on was the glass wall that you could see straight into the bathroom and toilet from the bedroom. We ended up using the mattress from the spare sofa bed to kinda hide where the toilet was so there was a bit of privacy there (you can sorta see it in the background - its that brown rectangular thing)

Right after we check in we ran downstairs and went crazy in the local woolies store on all things un-healthy.

These were the two dresses I picked up earlier in the day when we were just wasting time around the city until we were able to check in after 2pm.

Our view at night :)

day two:

Monday was a bit better in terms of the weather. It still rained but not as heavy as it was on Sunday. We decided today was the day for Sea World! I loved Sea World - it was a great theme park with a good balance between rides, animals, and entertainment!

How fake do these penguins look? Well I think they look fake anyways... but they are real. I think they were posing for me.

day three:

On Tuesday we actaully managed to see a bit of sun in the morning... yay! We went to Movie World in the morning and Wet n Wild World in the afternoon. I tried to make my hair a bit wavy today but the stupid rain and wind wrecked it.

day four :

I know you can't tell from the picture below but Wednesday morning it was really sunny and bright :)

We went to Dream World, another amazing day - we had so much fun just running around on all the rides and just being kids at heart!

The dodgem cars were fun! Scott kept bashing our car into the kids - hahahaha.

We also got to see some AMAZING tigers! I love big cats.

Love this picture of us - my fave from our trip : )

I'm a bit of a grandma when it comes to rides, I like the slow and predictable ones.... so of course I couldnt say no to a ride on those vintage cars!

Scott went alone on this one! No way I was going on that ride!

day five :

In terms of weather - Thursday was the best. The sun was soooo strong and hot, I almost wished it was raining for a minute. We had a transfer booked to take us to the airport at 11am, so we just spent the morning taking a long walk along the beach followed by a bit of shooting ( see pics below - this wasn't planned, we just saw it advertised and walked right it ).

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  1. I really love this post! Looks like you had so much fun..I am quite jealous! I love your photos too. :)
    xo Charlotte

  2. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great time!
    The dresses you got are so pretty.

  3. Awww I love the Gold Coast. We went after a massive holiday in Airlie Beach so we ran out of money to go to all the theme parks. I am so jealous you went! x

  4. Great pictures, looks like you had an awesome time despite the weather. I love your hair the day you made it wavy, very cute :)
    Ang xxx

  5. Gold Coast is amazing! I like Movie World the best :D Lovely pictures you've got there (:


  6. Aw wow, sounds (and looks) like you had a lovely time. Love all the beautiful views, especially the one from your room at night - how stunning. x

  7. AHHH!! DODGEM CARS!! Hahah bashing into the poor children! That sounds exactly like me.

    Thanks so much for stopping by <3 and for your excitement yay!

    We're now following :)


  8. What a fabulous break. I'm with you on the rides, I hate rollercoasters and fast rides.

  9. sorry for the late reply! i just got back from my trip. thanks heaps for your comment:) hope you had a lovely xmas and nye! the weather in qld has been soooo crappy lately i know!

    F. ( x

  10. pretty view! Thanks for posting the pics!

    xoxo summer

  11. love your pretty little dresses :)

  12. nawww i love the gold coast! i used to live there! looks like you made the most of it! :) xx

  13. ..i love this post..lovely <3


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