Monday, February 21, 2011

crazy love

Last Tuesday evening, I dragged Scott to the Acer Arena to see Michael Buble. We've seen him everytime he comes to Sydney. Ticket prices were pretty reasonable (i think).. but as we are saving up to buy a house, we had to opt for the cheapest ones. They cost us $90 each, and we sat on the second last row (waaaayyyyy back). Luckily we brough our Canon with us so we got some decent photos and video (if you would like to see more videos we took at the concert - click HERE. I recorded five of his songs and uploaded them onto youtube) .

So do you guys like Michael Buble at all? I'm a massive fan. I know it sounds dumb, but seriously... when he sings - it makes me feel like he is singing just for me. Hope you all had a lovely weekend xx


  1. awww bless you ;-)) I like him to but i don't have any of his music but thats because i listen to the radio all the time but i can see what you mean ;-)) dee x

  2. Looks like a great night. I'm not a massive fan but he does have something about him.

  3. Oh, I am so jealous you went to see him! I'm a massive fan, but my boyfriend and most of my friends really hate him and Id hate to go to a concert alone, ahaha.

  4. Yaaayayayaya what a wonderful night!! Never been to one of his concerts but I'm sure it would be amazing.

  5. I love him!!!! His songs are so great and that's awesome you see him everytime he comes!

  6. My friend went for the same concert! 'Home' is my favourite song and it always finds its way back into my MP3 playlist a few weeks before I take that flight home :)


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