Friday, April 15, 2011

special date night

(jacket: sydney boutique, top: sheike, leggings: SES, boots; unknown, bag: forever new)

I must start by making a shocking anouncement. The top I wore to our most recent date night (pictured), I actually wore as a dress 3 years ago out clubbing. What on earth was I thinking? It barely covers my bottom as a top (hangs head in shame).

Date night - woohoo. And whats so special about this particular date night you ask? Well... It landed on our 7 year anniversary! How cool is that! It was my choice this week, and so I took Scott to Sophies Greek Restaurant in Balmain. A big thumbs up from both of us, I would highly recomend you check it out! Prices were reasonable too! I had (probably) the most unhealthy selection on the menu - creamy pasta bake. But it was delicious so I dont care.

 I am totally stressing right now - tomorrow we are having an "Open-House" party-thingy at our place just to catch up with a whole bunch of friends and family that we havent had the chance to see much since we got married almost 8 months ago. Sound like a good idea right? Well sure it does.... except for the fact that the house is a bomb shelter, there are stacks of dirty clothes to be washes, a decent collection of things that need to be ironed, floors which are dying to be vacumed, a dead cockroach under the buffet, and shoes all over our bedroom floor. Plus I havent prepared any foods to feed all these people who will be dropping by tomorrow either. I'm in for a fun day today.


  1. Love your dress/top it's so nice. H ave fun getting everything organised for your catch up. People come to see you any ways not your house.

  2. love the nailpolish!!

    thanks for entering my giveaway - remember to tell all your readers!

    Good luck tonight xx

  3. beautiful, you two just look so cute together. loving the new header/design too xo

  4. Hahahha it's funny when you wear something you used to wear so differently. It amazes me the clothes I used to wear too. When I go out and see short dresses, my friend said "We used to dress like that!". A little scary isn't it? But it's great you can wear it as a top too. x

  5. aww i love how you go out on date nights! so sweet :)
    btw, do u have gel/acrylic nails? i couldnt stop staring at your nails in that photo of you holding your clutch... theyre so perfect!!

  6. Nawwwwwwww you guys are so cute!!!

    Love your nail polish!!!

  7. Lovin the date nights.
    Lovin the blue nail polish too.
    Lovin the top.

  8. Happy anniversary! Looks like a great date (and I wouldn't worry about the pasta bake: the portion looks so small you don't have anything to worry about!). Your Open House party sounds lovely, too. I'd love to host one but I don't have a house yet. I'm sure you'll get everything done (and I love everything you do 'cause you do it well--gotta throw a little J.Lo in there for ya). Happy weekend!

  9. awww date night !
    how cute, I wanna start doing this more often with my bf haha, good to spend time with each other, love your nail varnish by the way :) x

  10. Adore the chevron pattern on your top! xo

  11. You two look so sweet (and your nails are rulin' btw) :)

  12. I love flash photography :)
    Such a cute couple and you were literally glowing in that outfit <3

    Thanks for dropping by my blog btw!

  13. Lovee the shirt and you two make a great couple!
    - Gaby


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