Tuesday, May 3, 2011

date night

Another fun date night to report on! These photos were taken last Tuesday, we didnt go very far - just a small greek restaurant in our neighbourhood. It was pouring down with rain so we ended up taking outfit photos in the hall-way of our apartment (lucky no one else walked passed at the time).

The dress I wore is actually a recent addition to my wardrobe - I picked it up at a Clothes Swap Party that I recently attended. I wore this dress to work today too, and I think it just passed for being a suitable length to wear around children. I wore it with thick tights and flats and remembered not
to bend over or sit on the carpet.

I went to my doctor last Friday and was told that I have high cholesterol. Obviously I was not impressed. I haven't been very happy with my body for some now and finding out about having high cholesterol really make me snap. So.... I've started excercising daily (something I never ever did). I walked 7km on Saturday and have started walking to and from work this week. My work is exactly 3km from my house so some days I will walk there and walk back, and other days I'll get Scott to drop me off in the morning and i'll walk home. Up until Friday I was a serial snacker..... and I'll have to admit I didn't choose to best things to snack on, so I've changed my entire diet. I'm trying to eat 6 times a day - small and super healthy meals/snacks.

We will be going to Europe on the 29th of July, for a month, so that is my personal deadline - to lower my cholesterol below 5, to loose 5 kgs, and the pudge that I have been carrying around my stomach. I'll keep you posted on my progess, promsie xx.

(shoes & dress: thrifted, jacket: mink pink, bag: gift, belt: vintage)


  1. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Oh you look cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

    Love the dress!

  2. Very cute :)
    I swear it is our job. I put on about 2kgs in term 1... not happy! Not a week goes by without a morning tea or two, kids birthdays, random baking at work... It's a killer!

  3. Love your entire outfit from head to toe. What is that nail polish? It's gorgeous!
    And yay! You're off to Europe!! Are you stopping by Scotland? I wish I was going home!

  4. great shots! <3
    i love your top :)
    thanks for your lovely comment, follow me and i'll follow you back ;)


  5. AnonymousMay 04, 2011

    cute dress and lovely nailpolish color :)

  6. Love your dress!! It is so pretty and the belt really just makes it! Very cute!!

  7. love your outfit!
    and your nails are a beautifull colour !
    thankyou for the comment :)

    ellie oxoxox

  8. oh no, high cholesterol :( at least you will do something about it though. i need to exercise too but i just get so bored loL!

  9. Oh I love date night. Love your nail polish too. thanks for the advice on the shoes. I ended up with the flats xxx

  10. Good for you for kicking into anti-cholesterol gear! I bet you will feel the results and love it.
    This dress is lovely! I really like the print.

  11. Adorable. Nice outfit- I love the detail on your clutch! XX

  12. Such a pretty outfit. Inspired by your new exercise plan. I need to start that up!

  13. aww date night so fun! wow that's crazy about the cholestorol but great to see you're taking action to lower it! good on you x

  14. oh i love your dress!!!! and that clutch is so adorable :)

  15. love your dress!!!!!! xx


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