Saturday, June 25, 2011

from paris with love

We had a bit of a sleep-over at our friends place last weekend, and this is what I packed to wear the next day. One of my favourite knits - I adore this sweater so much.... not as much though as I love my red vintage suitacase that I use as an overnight bag.... It fits just enough things when I'm away from home for a few nights.

Do you guys still do "sleep-overs". Its such a childish thing - but even now - married and in our mid twenties - we are still up for it! Pizza, wine, boardgames and movies till the wee hours of the morning - who couldn't resist that?

I have been so very slack with outfit posts. This is the first one this month and its already the 25th of June. I'm hoping this weekend - we will have the chance to take some photos so I can share a few more outfits before the month has ended.

This month has been ridiculiously stressful for me. I've had to write reports for the first time at work - and it seems like I have been working on them for months, though in reality its only been about 3 weeks. We have one more week of school left until the holidays and I cannot describe in words how very much I am looking forward to it!

Now onto the weekend.... anything special planned my blogger buddies?

(jeans: cotton on, floral flats: ally, knit: topshop via eBay, suitcase: vintage, ring: diva)


  1. Love the outfit! Especially the ring!

  2. Awesome shirt! I love that detail on it. Your ring is super adorable!

  3. AnonymousJune 25, 2011

    Just love the jumper,so parisian!!!Want to go to a cafe and just enjoy the scenery....

  4. 'Sleepovers' are always fun! I love your jumper, so cute!

  5. wow! love your style, ive got those shoes tooo! your blog is so beautiful and i sure will be visiting more often!

  6. love it!

    ellie oxoxoxoxo

  7. beautiful style you don't know how much i love paris!! i am your new follower hplease follow back :)

  8. I love that jumper - so cute! I haven't done a sleepover in ages, but I definitely want one now! An evening of dvds, jelly sweets and painting our nails sounds perfect!

  9. your jumper is amazing! me likes

  10. What a beautiful Tour Eiffel sweater!! Love it!!

    Have a beautiful week, sweetie!!


  11. I still love my sleepovers, too! There's still something so special and exciting about it.

    And your sweater is adorable- I can understand why it is your favorite! x

  12. Sleepovers are fun for every age! :) And I adore the bow ring!

  13. AnonymousJuly 14, 2011

    lovely blog x new follower x


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