Wednesday, June 29, 2011

winter sun

I've been a pretty slack wife of late. Soccer season started back in April and I had yet to go and watch Scott play until this past Sunday. As much as I would of loved to watch him play (I do enjoy watching the game) I always had things to prepare for work, which I would always leave till Sunday. Since we are in the final week of school before the holidays, and I didnt have much planning to do for this week, I went with Scott to watch him play. The sun shone beautifully all afternoon. It was the perfect way to spend my Sunday. If the weather is as beuatiful in the Sundays to come, I'll be sure to spend my afternoons watching hubby play. Do you play or watch any sports?


  1. Watch? A lot! Play? Not so much :)

  2. That's so good of you to watch him play! I dont really like to watch sports so im kinda glad my bf is a nerd and doesn't play them haha xx

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