Sunday, July 24, 2011

knits and bows

(knit: thrifted, jeans: dotti, flats: rubi, bag: forever new, necklace: wholesale dress)

Today Scott and I started packing our suitcases for our holiday to Greece & Malta and this is what I wore! Excitement! We also went to our local shopping mall, for some last-minute buys, a car wash and a hair cut. We leave this Friday night, and there is still so much to organise and do before we go.

I still havent had the chance to edit all the photos and video footage from our Christmas in July party..... but its definatley on my to-do list for this week and I will definatley post about it before we leave for our holiday.

The necklace I am wearing I bough recently from this Asian wholesale website which I would not recommend at all! They are called wholesale-dress and sell a variety of different clothing and accessories. This is the second time I've shopped from them and it will also be the last. The first time, I was reasonably happy with the quality of the items I bought, the prices are dirt cheap so I couldn't really complain, they havent fallen appart and I still wear those pieces from time to time (I had bought three dresses). More recently I purchased another few dresses and this necklace.... I waited for what seemed like forever for my items - Long story short, nothing arrived, they said they sent it and it came back so I lost postage money and then replaced the order minus a few items. They were very unprofessional during our communications, lacking basic customer service skills. On a brighter note, the items I did receive fit me perfectly and I love my new bow necklace!


  1. You have such a sweet little blog here! Have a ton of fun on your international make me so jealous!

    Oh, and I just love your dainty little bow necklace, as well ❤

  2. AnonymousJuly 24, 2011

    I love love love your bag.. I really want one like that! The bow necklace is so cute too :) xx

  3. wholesale dress really do lack customer service skills - or english skills!
    me and my friend ordered from them so many times with so many problems! we just resorted to speaking to them in very basic english that even non-english speakers could understand. that seemed to work :P

  4. omg you look so pretty! and loving your necklace <3
    anyway check mine if you have a chance sweety ;)

  5. darling darling darling!! didn't you see my ranting about how awful they were when i dealt with them? i never ever got my refund and an item they were supposed to send but didnt. so bad!! it is a cute necklace but definitely not worth the hassle when there are better online stores to deal with out there. i bet you are excited for Greece. im so jealous! i need to be overseas again

  6. Oh how I love your outfit! It is so simple and classic- perfect for the weekend. And have fun on your trip! It sounds like quite a wonderful adventure. Good luck packing (that is always the hardest part for me). xx

  7. that bow necklace it's really pretty Christie!

  8. Really nice blog!!! cute necklace!!
    Thanks for your comments!!!

  9. LOVE your sweater!! Have an amazing trip Christie! xo

  10. your necklace is sooo cute!!! :D

  11. Your outfit is so cute - I adore your knit and your bow necklace is gorgeous :)

  12. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    Shame about the company.... but like you say, your bow necklace is so super cute :) I bet you're excited about your trip, it's a great time of year for visiting that area of the world! Don't forget to pack the suntan :)

    You look great!
    Amy xxx

  13. I love this outfit! it's so simple and chic :) xx

  14. 1. I LOVE your sweater!
    2. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with that company. :( I'm always apprehensive to order from places I've never used before online for that reason.
    3. Have fun on your trip!!


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