Monday, August 8, 2011

sweets store

(shirt: cotton on, shorts: cotton on, bag: thrifted, hat: greece)

So we ended up back in Vathi on Wednesday, just to hang out and soak up the atmosphere, and we came across the most mouth-watering little sweets store! Floor to ceiling was filled with glass cabinets of assorted cakes, lollies and chocolates. Every colour, every flavour, every size. And for a little village I was shocked they had such a great variety. As tempting as it was to buy everything we could carry, we opted for just a few little pieces to sample.

Sorry I havent been commenting all that much on all your lovely blogs of late. Just want you all to know I am reading them, but for some reason when I go to comment, Blogger asks me to sign in, and once I've singed in, I am "anon". So Im having a bit of trouble keeping logged in to comment. Promise I'll do a massive backlog of overdue comments once I'm home!

Also I am thinking of doing a giveaway in celebration of being on holidays. I'm gonna buy a little something here in Greece and also something else when I'm in Malta, and when I get home I'll run two giveaways back-to-back - woohoo!


  1. Just enjoy the moments, we will be here upon your return!

  2. lovely pictures! :)

  3. Look at you making friends with the local cats, I do exactly the same thing where ever I go. Lolly shop looks devine nom nom nom.

  4. oh wow! i am so jealous!! its freezing in perth at the moment, well at least for me! you look like you're having so much fun! keep posting pictures of your trip!!

    xx Aliya

  5. Such wonderful pictures!! Oh and I love your purse!

  6. ti lixoudies einai autes? mou trexoun ta salia!


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