Thursday, October 6, 2011


My darling husband, Scott, turned twenty-six last week. Here are some photos of how we celebrated the day...

His birthday started off with made-from-scratch pancakes with strawberries drizzled with golden syrup. 

I was on holidays from work last week, so while Scott was at work, I baked his favourite - banana muffins. I had bought these "happy birthday" candles from the two dollar shop a few days earlier and they were the perfect finish !

I let him choose where he would like to go out for dinner for his birthday and he said he wanted to go to the same place we celebrated our engagement - The Cyprus Club in Stanmore. Usually this place is full of life, packed with lots of people, and with live music..... but as we went on a Thursday night - it was a little bit different, and definitely not what we expected. We walked into an almost empty room, filled with about a dozen pensioners. It was "ten-dollar dinner and raffle night".We were the only people under the age of sixty for sure. It was a bit awkward, we didn't know if we should laugh or cry - we couldn't just leave as all of the 15 people there saw us walk in.... So in we went, had a really cheap dinner, which might I add was a huge serving.... and tried our luck at the raffle. Unfortunately, ten dollars worth of raffle wasn't enough to win us any prizes but we did have a fabulous time. All in all Scott's b-day dinner cost $35 including dinner, raffles and drinks. Bargain.

Happy Birthday my love.


  1. How cute are those cupcakes?! And the card is so sweet! Too bad about the raffle but at least both of you had a good, cheap dinner!!

    x Aliya

  2. Booooo to not winning the raffle :( :( :( looks like S had an awesome birthday anyway!!!


  3. You look like had so much fun.
    Happy birthday four ur husband! btw, i like ur coat :D


  4. Sounds like an amazing night out....Getting ready for those pension night events...........We love you both heaps.......xx

  5. This is such a lovely post!

    I got a very similar card for my boyfriend one time, great choice!

    Very nearly started drooling at the the pancakes picture, so very jealous.


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