Saturday, March 31, 2012

sheer with a twist

(top: sugarlips, skirt: thrifted by wayne cooper, boots: rubi shoes, bangle and necklace: diva)

Hello lovelies!! Its been just far too long since my last outfit post, and I've been itching to show you a few of my most recent additions to my wardrobe. I wore this outfit out last weekend, when Scott and I went out for lunch, a bit of a leisurely drive, drinks for a cousins birthday and then back home for a Harry Potter movie marathon with two of our favourite friends.

The top I am wearing is from Sugarlips, an online store stocked full of fun and trendy clothing items that will take you from day to night in a flash. This top caught my eye because of the intricate sheer design at the top, I love basic items with a bit of a twist. If you haven't check out their store - do click on the link above and see what tickles your fancy. The Sugarlips brand is also sold in a variety of stores across the States.

My skirt is probably one of the best thrift finds I've found in a while. Its by Wayne Cooper - a label that I would never touch in a retail store - because the frugal-ness in me wont let me. I found it in and amongst many other skirt and shorts, just sitting there waiting. Waiting for me. Its the perfect size, it fits like a glove. The quality is divine and its totally my style. I am in love.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We have been having some gorgeous weather here in Sydney over the past few weeks... I hope its lasts that extra bit more. I know our dreaded winter in just around the corner. I would love to hear about your most recent additions to your wardrobe - let me know below xx


  1. That top is so pretty and what a find with that skirt.

  2. Happy weekend and love the outfit!

  3. Gorgeous outfit!! The top goes really well with the skirt. Also, loving the instagram badge... I'm sooo doing that :) xxx

  4. that top is so pretty!! really liking sugarlips more and more

  5. I love this outfit! You look gorgeous! Still jealous of your thrifted skirt! xx ps my draw something ID is omgpop68797516 we should play!

  6. Anything which involves Harry Potter is going to be perfect! I love your top, so cute! X

  7. wow wow wow what a gorgeous top! you look so absolutely beautiful :)

  8. you're so cute!
    love the wedges!

  9. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    Loved the top, in fact the whole outfit.........Background beautiful too...


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