Saturday, June 9, 2012

lace over black

I must admit, I have been rather lazy in the outfit posts department of late. And for that, I do apologise. I've been finding it increasingly difficult to balance my time between my personal life, work, this blog and my YouTube channel. They all make me happy and I don't really want to give up any of them in order to excel at another... 

Now onto the outfit. It was my birthday recently, and what better way to spend your birthday than by searching through the isles of your local thrift store! And that's exactly what I did. Scott happily followed me up and down the isles as I sifted through blouses, cardigans, dresses and skirts, and threw bits and pieces into our trolley. One of the items I picked up on the day was this darling cardigan. Excellent condition, long sleeved knit with gorgeous white lace down the front - just my style!

(hat: dotti, cardigan: thrifted, top: barkins, jeans: cottton on, flats: ally, earrings: diva, ring: myer)


  1. gorgeous photos, love the hat and top xo

  2. First of all - you look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit! you are so pretty!

    Second of all - I feel the exact same way! it's so hard to juggle work/social life/youtube & blog all at once.



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