Wednesday, January 2, 2013

on the farm

I totally adore this blouse, but sadly I have only worn it a handful of times. I decided to wear it however, on a trip to my father in laws farm recently. I always feel like I look like such a bum when we visit him. Not because I have no style, but simply because its so darn cold that I can't function properly without wearing trackies and an oversized jumper. On this occasion I decided to venture out of my fleece lined attire and have a go at actually looking decent. I'm quite impressed with the outcome..... might have to make this my go-to outfit for the farm!

(jeans: cotton on, boots: betts, blouse & knit: asos, necklace: ebay)


  1. Love the knit and top combo. I have the same top and like you, have only worn it a couple of times

  2. Hello lovely

    Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday - glad we can read each others blogs and have instagram!

    That blouse is gorgeous! It is going to nearly be 40 degrees here tomorrow so I cant imagine wearing jumpers and boots - is the farm in Victoria? It must be cold!

    Hope you are having a great start to the year!!


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