Tuesday, March 19, 2013

lust have it feb 2013

Last months Lust have it box was so disappointing, I can't even be bothered writing about any of the products. All I'm going to say is that even Lucy, was not impressed (see below). I think the product in the box were average - nothing special. The thing that really pushed me over the edge though was their poor customer service. So I was missing one item (as did many other subscribers) and read on their Facebook page that they exceeded the Australia post weight limit for the boxes (hardly believe that really) and so it will be sent with next months box. I Facebook messaged them promptly explaining that I was unsure I wanted to continue with the subscription and if they could send it to me before then asap.... four days later they respond, with some crap generic message saying that I'l receive the item in next months box. I emailed again (not through Facebook - just regular email), and got the same response a few days later. Total rubbish if you ask me. I shouldn't have to pay for another months box just because they didn't calculate the weigh of the parcel correctly. Its just ridiculous, and obviously I am less than impressed.

Are there any other aussie subscription boxes out there? I'm in need of a change!


  1. Hello, nice blog :)
    You come from AU? I envy you :)
    I follow yours blog

  2. That sucks :( you should sign up for her fashion box, I just signed up after hearing good things about it.. its a bit expensive though $39 or something, but you seem to get some good stuff. Maybe watch a few videos on youtube and see what you think xx


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