Monday, June 17, 2013

Seagreen ruffles

(dress courtesy of, shoes from wanted)

For some time now, dress shopping has really become a hassle. Most, if not all the stores that sell things within my price range, offer dresses that are too short, and of poor quality. Its truly disappointing and down right annoying. How hard should it be for a girl to find a nice evening dress anyways?

And so as you would imagine, I was totally smitten with excitment when the lovely people over at sent me this gorgeous dress to photograph for them. I'll be honest with you - coming from an Asian company, I didn't really have high hopes in terms of the quality. I couldn't of been any more wrong. The dress arrived well made, fully lined and with a completely boned bodice. The fabric is soft and comfortable, the dress is a perfect fit. Looking forward to wearing this baby out to my friends wedding this August.

On a more personal note, things have been really great at work lately. I've been "computer coordinator in training" for about a year or so now, and recently have been given the opportunity to develop those skills further. Its a fun and exciting time, I really am feeling more and more at home in my job. I feel like I actually have valuable skills, and its great to be given the opportunity to refine and use those skills to help others.


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