Sunday, October 4, 2009


My first memory of Italy was when we stopped at one of those service stops, and ordered one slice of Pizza each, to have for lunch. This is what we got:

St Marks Square, in Venice, was just divine. We loved the atmosphere. Music playing, couples in love, gondolas floating past. Two nights in Venice was just not enough.

And natuarally, we also went for a gondola ride around beautiful Venice, at just the right time mind you - as the sun was setting.

I didn't really intend on buying a Venitian mask.... but seriously when you see them (and you will because they are just everywhere), its quite hard NOT to buy one. We love ours - and wore them all night, on our last night in Venice.

The next day we headed for beautiful Rome. Scott managed to walk all the way up the bazillion stairs to the top of St Peter's Basilica, in the Vatican City. I wasen't so keen on climbing all those steps to get there, but I sure am glad Scott got to see that magnificant view. wow.

We stopped in Siena for several hours on our way to Florence and Scott managed to find the biggest ever ice-cream. It was massive in a way you just dont understand. He ended up having seven (yes seven!) different flavours in his super-massive ice-cream cone, and ate it in record time. Well done babe.

I loved dinner in Florence. Our tour guide took us to a beautiful little restaurant... hidden away from all the busy crowds. There was a live band there too.... and the steak we ordered... well it was massive.

Last stop : Pisa.
We couldn't help but take cheesy photos of ourselves holding up the leaning tour.

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  1. Ha!ha! I like the Pisa's photos...having a lot of fun! pizza;s slices are enormous...


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