Thursday, December 9, 2010

chandelier light shade

How beautiful is this chandelier light shade. I was seriously considering getting one just like this (but with a cream or white light shade) for our house earlier this year. Our lovely friends Mitchell & Emma invited us over the other weekend to hang out, and play wii. The minute I walked into thair lounge room I was just blown away by their a-m-a-z-i-n-g new chandelier light shade!! Oh I love it! I couldn't help but take a photo of it and share it with you! What do you think?


  1. its very beautiful, would make any house look luxe
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  2. Amazing chandelier! Want to have it too!


  3. ohhhh yay its my house!! am i famous now?

  4. of course you are famous emma!!! yay

  5. That is beautiful!! I actually saw that lamp on and am impressed how good it looks in a room!!

    <3 kris&kel

  6. yea the light shade is really pretty! its elegant as well! :) love it!

    ♥ xxx

  7. Ooo it really is pretty!! It's like the chandelier crystals are the a hidden surprise behind the pretty black veil. I love chandeliers- I always dream about having one in my bedroom... But that isn't happening any time soon :(

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion


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