Sunday, December 5, 2010

dinner in the city

Last night Scott took me out into the city for a ncie dinner and ice-cream. Sydney is so pretty this time of year - with lots of Christmas lights and decorations ( I couldnt resist taking a photo of this huge tree decorated with multicoloured lights). Although I do appologise for the lack in photo quality - all the photos were taken on my iphone, we forgot our nice camera at home.

Dinner was yummy. Scott had a chicken stirfry, and I had fish & chips.

navy ruffle dress: ebay

Then on the way to ice-cream we spotted Scotts shirt in a window so he went to model next to it :-)

And we finished our night by eating ice cream and watching people walk pass...


  1. *sighs* how I miss Sydney! The tree looks beautiful!

  2. what a gorgeous tree! these photos are so cute, you are too adorable :)



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