Saturday, August 6, 2011

date night

(dress & shoes: thrifted)

What’s better than a date-night with your man? A date-night with your man on a Greek island! We are pretty lucky that we will be going on two date nights while in Greece as well as celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary. This past Tuesday night was my-choice date night... but as we don’t know the area here all that well, I just decided we walk down to the beach and pick a nice looking place then and there. Of course back in Sydney we would of needed to make a reservation, but its so laid-back here there is no need to do that. We ended up at a restaurant called “To Kyma”, which translates to “The Wave”. We got a spot right on the water and ordered a few plates to share – Greek salad, calamari and saganaki (Greek style grilled cheese). Could we say no to some fabulous ice-cream for dessert? Obviously not – diet can wait till we get home!


  1. I love you dress so bright and beautiful. Your dinner and desert looks devine. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. You both look so happy! Wonderful post!

  3. oh i just love your shoes!!!!and the ice cream looks great :)

  4. Yaaayaayayayayaaa what a gorgeous date night!! I looooooooooooove saganaki LOVE it.


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