Thursday, August 18, 2011

the dress i loved

(dress, shoes, bag and top: thrifted, ring: online)

I wore this dress out sometime last week and sadly I have ruined it. Have you ever runied some piece of clothing you really loved? Well, this dress - I loved. I only purchased it day before going away and was excited to wear it. I adore its ruffled skirt and cute buttons down the front.... but unfortunatley I wont be able to wear it without something over the top (as pictured) any more.

What happened you ask? I have no idea to be honest. But when I went home and undressed I noticed that the seam than runs down my left breast has totally come appart (thank goodness I had another top over the dress - imagine my horror if I had not worn anything over the top!) Perhaps my left breast grew dramatically over the day? Like I said I have no idea. Mum tried to fix it but the fabric is so delicate that it was no hope. I still love this dress though - as a matter of fact I am wearing it right now, but in future will have to be worn with something over the top.

Have you had any clothing disasters?


  1. amazing dress :)

  2. oh no thats awful!! i spilt oily stuff on a new satin top last week :( very sad.

  3. I'm sorry about your dress :( I hate it when things like that happen! It's so annoying. You look so fantastic in it, too xxx


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