Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the journey begins

(dress: ally, shoes: Sportsgirl via thrift store, bangle: markets)

We have arrived!! We flew via Etihad airlines on Friday evening (Sydney time)... stopping at Abu Dhabi for three hours, then catching our adjoining flight to Athens, Greece. We had four hours or so to spend before our domestic flight to the Island of Samos, so we had a bite to eat and enjoyed some massages (definitely needed after a 20 hour flight). By the time we landed in Samos, my jeans had become a permanent fixture on my legs, and my face shone like the sun, we were certainly not in wintery Sydney any more.
We’ve only been here for just over one whole day but I can tell you already without a doubt in my mind that the days here are hot! The sun rises at about 5.30am, and from the second it appears in the sky, till the time it sets (at about 8pm) I am running for a shady spot! Thank goodness it’s not humid; otherwise I don’t know what I would do!

Scott took these photos on Monday morning, when we went for a short walk. We have our own place here in the village of Hreon, and its less than 150m from the beach.


  1. I am soooo jealous! I'm about to go to work to 24 little ratbags... Have a ball! xxxx

  2. Love your dress!


  3. Love the dress and shoes combo, and I'm jealous of the sun!!!

  4. aw thats lovely! my mums parents are from samos :)

  5. Wonderful pics, you look so happy!

  6. Lovely lovely! I loved Greece when I was there ages ago. Greece taught me how to love eating tomatoes! Have the best time!

  7. just discovered your blog!!... love it!!.. cute dress!!


  8. Look beautiful, I love your dress! xo

  9. Lovely photos!!!! you look great with that dress!!
    Thanks for your comment!!!



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