Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tie-dye stripes

(dress, bag and shoes: thrifted, sunglasses: greece)

We've finally come home after being on vacation for about a month. Was I ready to come home? Not exactly, but walking into our home after being away for so long gave me the warmest feeling in my stomach and really made me appreciate what we have here in Sydney. I love Sydney - I love the city, and the western suburbs, the people, the food, the shopping, everything.

I wore this dress sometime in our third and final week in Greece, before we headed of to Malta. Another great thrift find - and favourite summer dress of mine. Although, as with all my maxi dresses - it needs a top underneith. I just dont feel comfortable having a whole lot of boob out there for the world to see.

Now that we are back at home, I'm starting to miss a few things from Greece.... one of them being the amazing waffles and ice-cream. Oh-my, I dont think words can explain how mouth-wateringly delicious the waffles & ice-cream were in Greece.


  1. Wow! I can't believe you were there for a month!! Lucky you. Going back to work will be tough for you :)

  2. Wow! I can't believe you were there for a month! Lucky you. Going back to work will be tough for you :)

  3. Your holiday is over but hey you havbe great memories right? :)

  4. You look great! Nice photos. :)


  5. Those waffles looks so good and I love that dress.You are glowing in these photos not just from your tan, you look beautiful.

  6. love that dress ... you look gorgeous!

  7. Yumm those waffles look so good! xx

  8. great dress!!!


  9. Your dress is soo funky and beautiful! What a great thrift find :) On a side note, those waffles look sooo yummy.. I actually kinda salivated looking at them..
    Janell Happ


  10. ahh this looks lovely! I'm so jealous of your trip, we usually go to greece each year but I havent been for 2! These posts are really making me miss it hah! :)


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