Friday, January 11, 2013

heart collar

(dress: chicabooti, hat: trade secret, flats: kmart)

I'm absolutely loving the summer weather at the moment. I remember last summer it was overcast and rainy pretty much all the way through. I feel as though we haven't really had a decent summer here in Sydney for two years. We have had a few crazy-hot days however. Last week it reached 43 degrees celsius (109.4 fahrenheit) in the city, and apparently its gonna get up to 39 today. On days like these I can't imagine wearing more than a lightweight dress with a pair of flats. Its just not worth adding anything else - its just too darn hot!

I took these photos myself, and I'm quite pleased. I think I've finally come to the conclusion that Scott cannot take the type of photos I want. It just doesn't work - he has ideas of his own that seem to seep through into the photos he takes and I end up not liking them. Its a shame - because having someone take photos for you is such a massive help, but oh well..... for now I'm just going to have to rely on my myself and my trusty tripod.


  1. Great to read some new posts :)

  2. I love your hat, this whole outfit screams summer! I am so enjoying this hot weather, I am such a summer baby and have felt so ripped off the last couple of years :)

    Brendan has no interest in taking my outfit photos so I have to take them all myself but I am trying to be more creative this year - this post has really helped if you havent already seen it


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