Tuesday, January 8, 2013

wine bar

I was recently introduced to a funky little wine bar that opened not long ago near my house. Our gym had booked it our for our Christmas party and it was awesome. I loved the atmosphere - its extremely retro... with quickly little things decorating the rooms.... And the food they served was delicious - tapas style! So of course - at our first opportunity this year we invited our good friends Mitchell & Emma for a bite to eat and some cocktails. We knew they would appreciate this place - its totally their style. Have you discovered any new bars/restaurants of late??


  1. This looks so fun! A wine bar...I may have to add this to my bucket list :)

  2. oh a wine bar is right up my alley. the drink in your hand is such a fun colour :P i went to a new cafe for breakfast on the weekend, the service was slow but the food delicious so it evened out.


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