Saturday, March 30, 2013


Scott and I are both big boardgame fans.... and so as often as possible we try to invite friends (or even better: groups of friends) over for some thing to eat and a bit of boardgame fun. The latest addition to our ever growing boardgame collection is the "Logo" game, where each player is asked a series of question all relating to Australian logos. Each question card contains four questions, so get them all correct and you get to move four places - get one wrong and the next player has the opportunity to score those points and move along on the board. 

Earlier this year we invited a handful of couples to our place to test out this new game - it was a great hit! We play it almost any time someone suggests we pull out a board game, and we couldn't be happier. Do you have a favourite boardgame?

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  1. i love boardgames too! ive played the logo game its a lot of fun! have you played baldrdash before? its one of my faves xo


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