Tuesday, October 4, 2011

forgotten spring

(dress: dotti, coat: ally, wedges: rubi, bag: forever new)

I must apologise profusely for not posting much these past few weeks. I've been on school holidays and thought I would be in full blogging mode but the Sydney weather of late has really got me down. Apparently its Spring. I should be frolicking around in pretty dresses and skirts, with matching cardigans, as the sun shines upon my cheeks and  people smile for no other reason than it's Spring. Am I doing all this? No. Instead Sydney has forgotten what Spring is... The sun is not warm, and barely around actually. The wind is ice cold, which means naked legs with skirts or pretty dresses is a big no-no. Our electric blanket is on every night, giving me the warmth I am so longing for from the sun, but for which it is not giving me.

The night I wore this outfit, my legs froze. Seriously. I bought these tan coloured wedges not long ago and I had been itching to wear them. So last Thursday night, being Scott's birthday and all, I decided "What the heck!".Thank God I remembered to put on a coat, otherwise someone would of surely claimed I was insane.   


  1. even though had to suffer to look so cute, it's a great outfit! :)

  2. The wedges are great :) You look so pretty in florals
    Amy xo

  3. Spring is always such a lovely time!
    I really like this outfit, modest and adorable, pretty dress!


  4. Great outfit! I love your jacket :) oh and thanks for your help with the comment error xx

  5. you're so pretty!!
    cute outfit!

    Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog :)


  6. Oh, i love the shoes. That happened to me once-it was the day after christmas and I wore a pair or sandals! Of course my feet felt like ice but hey, you know how it goes :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog :) Glad you liked the song

  7. Your coat is so pretty. I love the color. It goes with everything!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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